Welcome to The Canadian Clinical Trials Asset Map (CCTAM) 

a unique, robust, searchable web-based database designed to communicate Canada’s clinical research strengths to all stakeholders, including clinical trial sponsors.

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The purpose of CCTAM

  • Showcase the tremendous assets in Canada to conduct clinical trials
  • Better enable sponsors of clinical trials to identify clinical research sites and investigators
  • Become a comprehensive database for all Canadian clinical research assets; the essential tool for anyone planning on conducting clinical research in Canada
  • Position Canada as an attractive destination for the conduct of clinical trials in the global marketplace 

Why do we need a CCTAM?

  • Canada faces mounting clinical trial challenges from both traditional locations and emerging countries. Canada needs coordinated efforts to remain a place of choice for clinical trials.
  • We are still in the game because of our excellent researchers, institutes and networks, and the high quality data that they generate.
  • To stay in the game, a coordinated effort is key.
  • The CCTAM is a great example. It can only succeed if everyone participates.

The Canadian Clinical Trials Asset Map (CCTAM) includes many unique features:

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