Benefits of the Asset Map

“Clinical trials provide the evidence needed to bring a drug, medical device, or practice into our healthcare system, and Canada has tremendous research strengths in this field.
“The Canadian Clinical Trials Asset Map represents a virtual tool for practitioners in Canada and enables us to showcase our clinical research strengths and attract the best researchers from around the world.”

—Dr. Alain Beaudet, President,
Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Increases opportunities to join clinical trials and
conduct investigator-initiated research

Because CCTAM users can conduct cross-Canada searches for research partners within common therapeutic areas, you can be found more easily by potential research sponsors as well as other research sites and investigators.

Free marketing tool for yourself or your organization

Data contributors can showcase their capabilities and successes to a global audience at no cost.

Recruitment and career tool

The CCTAM is a complete resource that enables you to learn more about clinical trial research investigators, institutions, hospitals, and networks across Canada. This will be useful to both individuals looking for new career opportunities and organizations looking to recruit additional talent.


  • Free—data contributors can input their information at no charge
  • Easy to use—conduct simple and intuitive searches by criteria and by geographic location
  • Up-to-date—data is updated regularly to ensure information is both timely and relevant
  • Bilingual—available in English and French
  • Savable—users can save their searches and produce and save reports for later use
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