Benefits of the Asset Map

“The CCTAM is an important tool for enhancing Canada’s competitiveness for clinical research. The availability of this resource will simplify the study-feasibility process by quickly identifying suitable clinical trial sites in Canada.
“It will also be a valuable tool for highlighting Canada’s clinical research capabilities to our global organizations.”

—Dr. Shurjeel Choudhri, Senior Vice-President and Head,
Medical and Scientific Affairs

Why do so many major pharmaceutical companies conduct their clinical trials in Canada The answer is simple: the Canadian clinical research environment offers the best, most unbeatable combination of quality, speed, and value. Conducting studies in Canada provides a fast and efficient way to obtain the necessary high-quality data for strong, solidly researched new-drug submissions.

A wealth of information at your fingertips

The CCTAM is a centralized database that provides a wealth of information to enable you to quickly search for the right researchers, research sites, and other assets that you need to help you place your trial effectively and efficiently. Database searches can be saved and exported to an Excel spreadsheet, enabling you to quickly assess the possibility of conducting a study in Canada nationally or provincially, or by therapeutic area. In addition, the list can be used to enable researchers to conduct a more detailed feasibility assessment.

Faster patient recruitment

Through CCTAM, you can connect with highly respected clinical research teams experienced in leading large, international studies. These teams are supported and linked through common health-research networks and strong information-management systems, which together have helped Canada earn a solid reputation for meeting recruitment targets quickly, and for generating top-quality data and reliable results.


  • Easy to use—conduct simple and intuitive searches by criteria and by geographic location
  • Up-to-date—data is updated regularly to ensure information is both timely and relevant
  • Bilingual—available in English and French
  • Savable—users can save their searches and produce and save reports for later use
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