The CCTAM and British Columbia Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (BCCRIN) launched in 2015 the BC Showcase on the CCTAM.

The BC Showcase website highlights the major research institutions within BC and provides in-depth information about clinical research in BC. It includes a search function that is directly linked with the CCTAM allowing for localized listings with powerful results. As a part of this partnership, BCCRIN also transferred updated data from their Asset Map to the CCTAM.

Clinical Trials New Brunswick, a part of NBHRF formed a partnership in 2015 to populate all NB clinical trial resources available to them in the CCTAM.

Montreal InVivo
The partnership with Montreal InVivo will result in the addition of Quebec clinical trial investigators’ data from Montreal Goes Clinic to the CCTAM  and real-time updates down the line. The data will be gradually input in the CCTAM in 2017.

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